10 tips to properly store your lingerie and swimsuits in your wardrobe and suitcase

Your lingerie is the first thing you put on in the morning and take off at night, so take good care of it and put it away!

The main reason for storing lingerie and swimwear properly is to keep them in good condition. The durability of your underwear depends on how they are stored. Likewise, storing your underwear properly has the advantage of saving you time. This saves you having to spend your mornings looking for your favourite panties hidden in the back of the drawer.

Here are our 10 tips for storing lingerie and swimsuits in your wardrobe and suitcase. Let’s go !


The 5 tips for storing lingerie and plus size swimsuits in your wardrobe

1. Compartmentalize your lingerie with dividers

Closing wooden drawers can cause pieces of wood to detach to which the lingerie can catch and be damaged. It is however recommended to use dividers for linen drawer. In flexible fabric, they are all the more practical because they allow each model to be sorted in a dedicated location.

2. Organize your lingerie using storage boxes

Lingerie boxes are also a smart option, especially for storing your swimsuits during the winter. They can be arranged under the bed or above your wardrobe so as not to clutter the room or it is possible to opt for pretty boxes that can serve as decoration.

3. Hang your bras on a hanger

There are wardrobes specially designed for lingerie that can fit in your closets. Thanks to this solution, you will be able to hang your most delicate bras , for example in lace , as well as your nighties and camisoles on a hanger .

4. Arrange your bras well in the drawer

In order to avoid damaging your bras, you should pay attention to:

  • Close the staples and tuck the straps into the cups;
  • Store your bras flat with the cups facing up;
  • Fit them together to keep the shape of the cup and not to break the frames.

5. Protect your underwear from light

It is an essential principle of the storage of your lingerie and your swimsuits. Indeed, the exposure of your bras and panties to UV rays can alter the colours, yellow the white and dull the black.

5 ideas for organizing lingerie and plus size swimsuits in your suitcase

1. Opt for individual lingerie pouches

Slipping your lingerie into an individual lingerie pouch is a smart option that doesn’t take up too much space in your suitcase and ensures extra protection from other items that can damage it.

2. Invest in portable sets for bras and bikini tops

Portable boxes can hold up to 3 plus size lingerie tops . Inside the box, bras should be stacked flat, cups on top of each other to preserve their shape.

3. Optimize the space of your suitcase

A smart trick is to fill the cups of bras and bikini tops with panties and other lower body parts. . In addition to saving space, this prevents the cups from folding up on themselves during the journey.

4. Place lingerie and swimsuits last

For the lower body , suitcases are usually equipped with a pocket that can be closed with a zipper. As for your deep cup bras , it’s best to make sure you put them in your suitcase last, making sure you have enough space at the top so they don’t get squished.

5. Use swimwear bags

A waterproof swimsuit bag is very useful for storing vacation outfits in the suitcase. It also allows you to keep your wet swimsuits separate from the rest of your belongings when going to the beach or swimming pool.

Our last tips for the perfect storage of lingerie and large size swimsuits

Classify your lingerie according to colours or styles

The storage of your lingerie can be done according to several criteria. By colour, to associate it at a glance with your outfit of the day. It is also possible to divide by style: sports lingerie , comfortable underwear , casual underwear or seductive lingerie. It will be easier for you to find the perfect underside for your occasion.

Wash and care for your lingerie and swimsuits

Good storage of your lingerie is accompanied by good maintenance. Knowing how to wash your underwear and swimsuits is essential to ensure longevity. The maintenance of lingerie for generous breasts and large sizes requires the utmost care and compliance with certain rules.

Sort your lingerie before storage

Pre-sorting your lingerie helps you determine how much space to free up in your wardrobe or suitcase for storage. It also allows you to notice if you are missing any form of bra or lower body that can enhance your figure.




Source: Sans Complexe