My lingerie drawer used to consist of bras, panties and socks thrown about. (Sound familiar?) However, I took a few minutes to organize my lingerie drawer about a year ago. And, let me tell you – I’m still reaping the benefits of my efforts!

I’m going to dive into how my organized drawer impacts my day-to-day. But, let me first explain how I organized my lingerie.

How To Organize Your Lingerie Drawer

You can organize your lingerie drawer in just a few simple steps. I organized my lingerie by first removing all items from the drawer. I then tossed items that were old, falling apart or no longer my size. (Consider donating bras that are gently worn!) After condensing the collection, I put all the items I was keeping back into the drawer. However, this time I didn’t just dump the bras, panties and socks in. I separated them into three categories. I placed my fastened bras cup-to-cup on the left; I put socks in the middle; and I put panties on the right.

My other lingerie – like hosiery, teddies or babydolls – go into another drawer. However, you could get more creative when organizing your lingerie. You’d be surprised how much space is saved when these items are organized, and the drawer isn’t full of items you never wear.

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What Happened After I Organized My Lingerie Drawer

I mainly decided to organize my lingerie drawer to purge old, unflattering items. But, I quickly realized a little organization came with a lot of perks. Here’s how I benefited from organizing my drawer:

1.  I found lingerie pieces easier.

I have a good collection of lingerie, yet my drawer consisted of holey socks, stained panties and wrong size bras. It could be a task to dig through those items to find pieces I wanted to wear. However, I only had pieces I wanted to wear after organizing my drawer.

I can now easily reach in and find the lingerie pieces I want to wear. And, opening a tidy drawer is refreshing.

2.  I only wore lingerie that suited me.

Only wearing lingerie you love does a number for your confidence. It’s empowering to know you’re wearing intimates under your clothes that you feel good about. You know, not stained panties or a two-year old bra that’s one size too big.

Organizing my lingerie drawer let me take inventory of my collection. I could then easily see if there was a lapse in my collection and buy new items if needed. Now I only own pieces that are flattering and look new. So, it’s guaranteed I’ll feel confident in any piece I pull out.

3.  My drawer stayed organized.

I figured my lingerie drawer would go back to its previous state within a couple weeks of organizing it. But guess what? It didn’t! It’s been a year, and the drawer is still tidy.

The separation within the drawer makes it easy to put items back in their place. My husband even puts my lingerie back correctly when he does the lingerie. And, I’m encouraged to keep it organized because I love the convenience it adds to my day.

It takes a small chunk of time to organize your lingerie drawer, but the benefits are plentiful. Organization is key to making the most of each day. Your home and office are organized for the sake of productivity and efficiency. So, why shouldn’t your lingerie drawer be organized?

Your lingerie drawer is likely the first drawer you open to get ready for the day. It sets the tone for a positive day when you open a tidy drawer and can easily find your garments.

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