Plunge bras are one of the most challenging bra styles to fit. If your breast shape is full on bottom, you’ve probably experienced the ‘quad boob’ effect in most of the plunge bras you’ve tried on – with breast tissue spilling out above the centre gore. Full busted people also have a difficult time finding a supportive plunge bra. On another note, plunge bras can provide the perfect amount of separation for close set breasts. Additionally, those of us with wide set breasts can benefit from a design that pushes breast tissue toward the centre, too.

Before you give up your search for a plunge bra that checks off all the boxes, check out our guide below. We may be able to help solve your fit problem and point you toward the right plunge bra for your breast shape.

1.  There is extra space at the top of the cups

Plunge bras are designed with a low center gore (the part of the bra connected to the band that joins the cups in the front). This design detail makes it possible to get lifted, centered, and separated breasts without any push-up padding. If your breast tissue is full on bottom or pendulous, finding a plunge bra that doesn’t gap at the top of the cups can be tricky.

You may find that the bra fits well overall with the exception of the top of the cups. Slight gapping may be fixed by tightening the bra straps – just be sure the bra band stays in place and you can fit two fingers comfortably between your skin and the strap. On another note, if 1/4 to 1/3 of the cup is empty, a push-up plunge bra or demi bra with a low center gore may be a better choice for your breast shape.

2.  Your breast tissue is spilling out of the center

Does your breast tissue spill out of the center of your plunge bra after you do the scoop and swoop? That bra might not be the right style or brand for you. Ideally, a plunge bra’s cups should completely contain breast tissue with no spillage.

Full on bottom breast shapes and breasts with lots of soft tissue can struggle with this common fit issue. A solution: Look for a plunge bra with a taller center gore and plunging cups. Another solution: Try a balconette bra, which will give you a sexy, lifted look without any spillage.

3.  The center gore is pulling away from your sternum

If you have full, round breasts or augmented breasts, you probably struggle with finding bras that tack (or lay flat) against your sternum. Ideally, a bra’s center gore should lay flat against the sternum and the band should fit comfortably snug and parallel to the floor.

In some cases, especially when your breast tissue is full, getting the bra to tack can be near impossible. With augmented breasts, a short center gore typically works better than a tall center gore (commonly found in full coverage bras).

4.  Your bust looks saggy instead of lifted

Interested in a more lifted look? Try a push-up plunge bra. Most plunge bras have light padding within their moulded cups to give them a more rounded shape.

Push-up plunge bras, on the other hand, have graduated padding (that may or may not be removable) along the bottom and sides of the inner cups to lift breast tissue up. Push-up plunge bras can even out asymmetrical breasts (look for bras with removable pads) and lift full on top breasts, too.

Final considerations

Lingerie designers are always looking for new ways to address fit issues and innovate in the lingerie space. Whether you’re looking for a seamless plunge bra with light lift for every day or a plunge bra with maximum cleavage for a date night, day of shopping, or girl’s night out, there’s a plunge bra out there for you. At the end of the day, it’s all about finding a plunge bra that makes you feel comfortable, confident, and supported.





Source Parfait.com