It goes without saying that we are eternally grateful for the strapless bra. Whether we’re sporting a top or a dress sans straps (or with complex ones), this handy little undergarment gives us the support we need without showing. Still, the strapless bra comes with a slew of challenges. And when it doesn’t fit well, it can cause a whole lot of inconveniences.

The truth is, a strapless bra should make your life easier, not create more challenges to your personal style and comfort. Here are some of the most common fit issues when it comes to these bras, and furthermore, how to fix them.

The bra band won’t stay up

Nothing is more annoying than having to periodically pull up the band on your strapless bra. If this keeps happening to you, it’s safe to say that the band is too loose. When it comes to strapless bras, you may very well need to go down in the band size. This will help to make up for the lack of support you’d normally get from the straps. Of course, the band shouldn’t be uncomfortable whatsoever, but it should definitely fit as snug as possible against your torso. A good way to assess whether it’s tight enough (without being too tight) is to make sure you can slip two fingers under the band (but no more than that).

Another feature worth considering is silicone. Some strapless bras contain anti-slip silicone tape, which can gently grip the skin and thus help the bra stay in place.

You’re not getting enough lift

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to get adequate support from a strapless bra. First of all, it’s worth noting that full-busted women should seek out strapless bras made by brands that specialize in underthings for larger cup sizes, as the construction will likely be sturdier all around.

Still, if it feels or looks like your breasts aren’t being lifted, consider a strapless style with a wide band, which will provide more support than a narrower one. Another tactic to try is opting for a strapless longline bra or strapless bustier. The extra material that extends down your torso will help to provide additional support for your breasts. Want even more lift? Then go for a push-up strapless bra to amp up the cleavage.

Your breast tissue is spilling out of the cups

Your breasts should always feel securely contained by your bra, and that goes for strapless styles as well. So if you’re seeing breast tissue bulging out of the top or sides of the cups, then you may need to go up in cup size. Keep in mind that going up in cup size will also require going down in band size (this is known as your “sister size”). Large busted ladies may want to look for a full cup strapless bra to ensure there’s adequate coverage. If your breasts are spilling out of the bottom of the strapless bra, then either the band is too large or the cups are too small (or both).

The underwire pokes you

Let’s clear one thing right up: Your underwire should not be uncomfortable. And it definitely should not be digging into your skin whatsoever. If the underwire is poking into your underarms, then the cups are likely too large (as the wire is obviously too long). On the other hand, if the underwire is poking into the actual breast tissue, then the cups are likely too small. Of course, you could opt to forgo underwire altogether — there are plenty of wire-free strapless options out there. However, if you’re full busted, you will clearly benefit from the additional support that underwire can provide (especially without straps to help out in that regard).

Hopefully, this advice will help you find your ideal strapless bra as well as avoid any potential fit problems. One final tip: once you do hunt down the perfect strapless bra, you may want to buy it in a couple colours so you’re covered for any occasion or ensemble — believe us, you’ll be glad you did given the challenges to find the right one for you.




Source Parfait.com