When’s the last time you got a bra fitting? Many women buy new bras when old bras get worn out or don’t fit well. Yet, those bra shopping trips may not include a bra fitting. (And, that’s probably why most women wear the wrong bra size.) Instead of getting fitted to determine the bra size, women simply replace the old bra with the same size. Or, they may try on various sizes to find the one that seems to fit best. However, a bra fitting is the only way to accurately find your bra size.

There are several circumstances that require a new bra fitting. Wondering when you should get a bra fitting? Here are five instances when you should always opt for a bra fitting:

1.  When you lose or gain weight.

Gaining or losing weight are both signs that it’s time for a bra fitting. However, a fluctuation in weight won’t always change your bra size. Whether or not your bustline changes with a weight changes depends on how dense your breasts are – how much fatty tissue they originally contained.

Women with less fatty breast tissue may experience less change in their bra size from gaining weight. On the other hand, women with more fat tissue in their breasts may notice more changes. So, it’s a good idea to get a bra fitting whenever you notice a weight change.

2.  When your body goes through life changes.

Your body may go through many life changes, like pregnancy, breastfeeding or menopause. All of these body changes affect your breasts, causing them to become bigger, smaller or a different shape or density. Getting a bra fitting when you experience these transitions ensures that your bust can be comfortable and supported during life as your body changes.

3.  When it’s been over a year since your last fitting.

It’s suggested to get a bra fitting every 6 months to a year. Keeping to this timeline helps your bras continue to fit you perfectly. If you haven’t experienced a weight fluctuation or life change, you can likely get fitted toward the end of the spectrum. However, always get a bra fitting if you haven’t had one in a year or so.

4.  When you notice your bra doesn’t fit well.

Your body doesn’t have to go through changes for your bra to fit poorly. As your bra ages, it will become stretched and show signs of wear and tear. Some wear and tear is cosmetic, however, other elements of aging will prohibit the bra from fitting like it did when you bought it. If your bra doesn’t fit well, it’s time to toss the bra, get a bra fitting and buy new bras.

5.  When you go bra shopping.

Make it a priority to get a bra fitting each time you buy new bras, even if you had a fitting just weeks before. Bras may vary slightly in fit from designer to designer, so it’s possible you won’t wear the same bra size in every brand. Getting a fitting prior to buying new bras ensures you’ll find the best fit each time.

Buying the right bra size can extend your bra’s lifespan because it fits you longer. Plus, a bra that truly fits will be most comfortable and supportive. But, a bra fitting is the only way to determine your accurate bra size. When you can experience any of the situations mentioned above, head to your local lingerie store for a fitting. Many lingerie stores offer free bra fittings with no appointment necessary.