Is there something you don’t like about your boobs? The truth is that many of us may dislike something about our bustline. We may even think that some of aspects of our boobs are abnormal. But, there’s no such thing as perfect breasts. That’s because they’re all imperfectly perfect.

Here are six common breast imperfections that are totally normal: 

1.  Asymmetrical boobs

It may be tricky to go bra shopping for uneven boobs, but even boobs are not odd. Asymmetrical breasts affect more than half of the female population. So, you’re not alone, sister! Health professionals aren’t certain what leads to asymmetrical breasts. However, some potential causes could be weight loss or gain, hormonal imbalances, menopause or simply the anatomy of your body.

2.  Nipples that face different directions

Don’t be concerned if your nipples face different directions. The direction of your nipples depends on the placement of your areolae. If your areolae are further down on your breasts, the nipples may face downward. On the contrast, nipples may face upward if the areolae are higher up. Either circumstance is fine, and it’s okay if the nipples face slightly different directions. Even on the same woman, two breasts aren’t the exact same.

3.  Different breast shapes

There’s no breast shape that’s considered “normal” because they’re all normal. Some boobs sag more than others. Some are fuller on top, while others are fuller on the bottom. The shape of your breast is highly dependent on your genetics. Your genes affect your hormone levels, and those hormone levels decide your breast density. Other factors, like weight gain or loss, breastfeeding or menopause, also affect your breasts’ shape.

4.  Small and Large Areolae

Large breasts with small areolae, small breasts with big areolae – they’re all perfectly ordinary. It’s also not odd to have areolae that are different sizes or shapes. The size of your areolae is, again, dependent on your genetics.

5.  Stray hairs

You may not like the stray hairs found around your areolae, but many women have them. It’s okay to remove the hairs. Personally, I tweeze or shave mine. However, it’s suggested to use scissors to remove nipple hairs. Experts say plucking or shaving can cause irritation.

6.  Stretch marks

You likely won’t find boobs without stretch marks. The stretch marks appear after a woman’s breasts have changed sizes. The breast becomes larger, stretching the skin. You see stretch marks when the breast decreases in size. A change in breast size can occur from natural growth, pregnancy, menopause or weight gain and loss.

No two women’s breasts are the same. The small differences between breasts may seem like imperfections, but they are not. The differences are simply caused by the genetic makeup variations within each of us. Finding the right bra can help if you don’t like an element of your breasts. Whether you want to lift, cover nipples or add volume, a bra is your secret weapon.



Source: ParfaitLingerie.com