It can be tempting to skip getting a bra fitting. You’re short on time, and you simply want to get in and get out of the lingerie store. So, you make a b-line to the bra section, and grab the same bra size you have at home. It “fits” like your others, so you’re off to the checkout counter. Mission accomplished – or is it?

You may think this way of buying bras saves you time. However, going this route has its downfalls – including possibly wasting your time. Thinking about skipping your bra fitting during your next bra shopping trip? Here are six reasons why you should never ever skip a bra fitting: 

1.  You could waste time.

Skipping a bra fitting may save you time during the shopping trip, but it can waste time in the long-run. You could spend more time than necessary trying on various bra sizes and styles to find a bra that seems to fit. And, you’ll have to make another trip to the store to exchange it if you buy the wrong size or fit.

2.  You won’t know if your bra size has changed.

Forfeiting your bra fitting means you won’t know if your bra size has changed. And, it’s very possible your bra size has changed since your last bra fitting. Of course, it’s also possible you’re wearing the wrong bra size without realizing it if you’ve never had a fitting. A bra fitting is essential to ensure you know your exact bra size.

3.  You risk buying the wrong bra size.

Not knowing your bra size increases your chances of buying the wrong bra size. The only way to truly know the best bra size for you is by getting a bra fitting. Forego the fitting, and you may find yourself in a bra that doesn’t make you feel confident or supported.

4.  You won’t know your sister bra size.

Your bra sister size comes in handy when the lingerie store is out of your bra size. The sister bra size is typically your bra size, plus and/or minus your band and/or cup size. For example, let’s say you wear a 34C. Your sister sizes would be a 32D and a 36B. This is because the slightly different cup or band sizes helps to accommodate the same amount of breast tissue. But, skipping a bra fitting means you won’t know your true bra size. In turn, won’t know your true sister sizes either.

5.  You may be disappointed when you get home.

The trial and error method of trying on bras can be tedious and frustrating. You try on numerous bras, and finally feel like one of them fits. Yet, the bra just doesn’t feel right when you get it home. This could be because you tried on so many ill-fitting bras that a less ill-fitting bra felt right. Opting for a bra fitting ensures you’ll buy the right size and won’t be disappointed when you get home.

6.  You could waste money.

Buying the wrong bra size can waste your money. There’s no option to return the bra if you’ve already torn the tags off or washed it. And, you won’t be reimbursed for the shipping charges if you ordered online and need to do a return. Don’t skip out on your bra fitting if you don’t want to chance losing money.

Saving time may be a perk of skipping your bra fitting, but skipping it comes with even more downfalls. Schedule your bra fitting in advance if you’re crunched for time. Or, simply choose another day to bra shop when you won’t be rushed. Opting for the bra fitting and taking your time will save you time, money and frustration down the road.