Bralettes are a comfy bra option, but they aren’t for everyone and they aren’t for every occasion. Whether a bralette works for you depends on what you want from your bra on any given day.

Here are six things you need to know about bralettes:

1.  Bralettes are meant to be seen.

Bralettes aren’t meant to be hidden under your clothes, though it’s okay if that’s how you prefer it. Instead, bralettes are meant to be seen and incorporated into your outfit as an accessory. Wearing a drop arm-hole tank? Let that strappy side band of your bralette show. Wearing a sundress? Let that lace detailing on the back of your bralette show itself off.

2.  Bralettes provide a barely-there feel.

Bralettes are a great option if you want to keep your boobs in place, yet not realize you’re wearing a bra. They provide a barely-there feel while giving just enough coverage and support to keep your boobs out of your way. Because bralettes provide lightweight support and coverage, they are sometimes not loved by women with bigger boobs.

3.  Some bralettes do provide quality support.

Though bralettes aren’t known for support, some bralettes do provide a decent amount of support. Supportive bralettes will have wider straps for maximum comfort; a wide underband for more support; and possibly joined cups in the center to keep your boobs from escaping the cups.

While this type of bralette can be a better fit for women with big busts, it won’t provide as much support as a regular bra.

4.  You won’t get a rounded shape from a bralette.

Bralettes don’t help mold or shape your bust. If you’re looking for an ideal, rounded shape, you’ll want to steer clear of bralettes. But, if you don’t mind—or you want—a natural fit and shape, a bralette is a perfect option.

5.  They’re not meant to provide full coverage.

The part of a bra that provides coverage is the lining within the cups. Most bralettes are unlined, which means they don’t have lining. This means that your nipples can be more exposed through your clothes. So, if you’re nervous about your nipples poking through your top, a bralette won’t be the best route to go.

6.  Bralettes come in all styles.

While most bralettes don’t provide much support or coverage, they do come in a variety of styles. There’s a bralette for every unique personality. Want a sporty look without wearing a sports bra? There’s a bralette for that. Want something sassy without wearing a push-up style bra? There’s a bralette for that. Want something a little edgy? There’s a bralette for that, too.

There’s a bralette for every woman’s taste. However, whether or not you’ll enjoy a bralette simply depends on what your personal preferences. If you are a woman with a bigger bust and are interested in a bralette, don’t shy away from trying one. A few extra features on the bra could make it a comfortable, suiting fit for you.




Source: Parfait.com