Never been for a bra fitting before? You’re not alone. Thousands of women avoid getting professionally fitted and instead simply guess what size they are through trial and error. Doing so is a huge mistake and could mean that you’re not supported in the way that you really need to be.

If you’ve decided to bite the bullet and go for your first fitting, you’ve come to the right place. You may not know what to expect here but, luckily, we have all the answers for you right here. So, before you head off to the lingerie store, here are just seven things to expect from your first bra fitting!

1.  It takes longer than you think

If you’ve only set aside five minutes of the day for your fitting, you’re likely to be in for a huge surprise. These things take way longer than most people expect. If you want your fitter to get an accurate measurement, you need to give her the time to do so. It may involve trying on different bras and styles too! So, in general, you should leave around 20-30 minutes to get fitted! Don’t try to squeeze it in last minute!

2.  You will have to take your top off

Most people know that you have to take your top off to get fitted, but if you’re new to the game, it could come as something of a surprise. Don’t be shy. The people that fit you are professionals and know what they are doing. They simply couldn’t measure your bra size over your shirt as it wouldn’t be accurate. You don’t have to panic about this part of the process; you will be in the comfort of a private fitting room and no one can see you!

3.  You may not be the size you expect

Do you think you know what bra size you are? Well, you may have to think again. Many women are under the impression that they know their size, but a lot are wrong. If you’ve been guessing your size for years on end, you may find that you are wearing ill-fitting bras all of the time. Yikes. That’s bad for your body and your confidence levels. Bra sizes change on a regular basis, and so you shouldn’t be surprised if yours has too.

4.  You will have to talk about your boobs

Are you a little squeamish when talking about personal matters? You needn’t be! The truth of the matter is that the fitter knows all there is to know about bras and which ones you should be buying. Yes, you may spend a little time talking about your boobs to reach the right conclusion, but that doesn’t mean that you need to be shy about it. This person is only trying to help you along the way, and so you should be as honest as possible. Simple.

5.  You will learn new things about bras

There’s more to the world of bras than just a plain, old t-shirt bra. When you get fitted, you will find that you learn a whole load more about them than you ever knew. From all the different sizes out there to which ones suit particular body shapes, there’s no end to the things that you may well pick up along the way. Trends may come and go, but there are some bra styles that will stand the test of time. Make sure that you pay attention to what the fitter tells you.

6.  You may get some style tips too

Looking for some expert style tips? There’s no better person to ask than your bra fitter. They live and breathe lingerie, and so they are certain to know just what will suit you and what won’t. As though that weren’t enough, they will also know all about the brand new styles of gorgeous lingerie that are coming out this season and even next season too. That means that you can even be ahead of the game when it comes to your lingerie and bra look. What could be better than that?

7.  It’s easier than you might think

One of the main things that you’re likely to find when it comes to your bra fitting is that it’s not this huge chore you imagine it to be. If you’ve been putting it off for quite some time, there’s likely a reason for that. Perhaps you think it will be difficult, awkward, or boring. Of course, there are many reasons women put off having a bra fitting. When you finally do it, though, you will see that it can actually be a whole load of fun. You might even find yourself wondering why on earth you didn’t do it sooner!

With any luck, we’ve managed to demystify some of the things that go into getting a bra fitting. Every woman should look after herself and that includes making the time to have fittings on a regular basis. So, the next time that you head to the stores, why not do yourself a favour and book a fitting as well?




Source: Parfait.com