Bra Fitting is more that just a CHECK LIST!



Image_3What’s the gore? The gore is the center panel of an underwire bra – the part of the bra that connects the        cups in the front between the breasts. If your bra has an underwire, then the gore will always be the part      that’s ‘center front and it should lie flat against your center chest.

How to Check the Gore’s Fit is the gore rising up off your chest? This is a common sign of a bad fitting bra.   The gore should stay flat between the bust even as you move around. When the gore doesn’t lie flat, the cups may be too small, or the bra style may not be a good fit for your body type.


Image_4 Straps Shouldn’t Slip or Dig Does your straps constantly slip off your shoulders? Your bra might not be the  right style for your body type; the straps might be too wide-set. Women who are petite or have narrow    shoulders often have this problem, and sometimes can’t wear bras with wide-set straps

Does your strap feel too tight? The straps should fit securely but not tight, check for red marks or  indentations on your shoulders. Your bra straps are not solely responsible for providing lift and support  that’s a job for the back band and cups. They shouldn’t feel uncomfortable, even if you wear a large cup  size.




Does the back band ride up your back? The band should lie straight against the middle of your back. It    should lie below your shoulder blades, if your band is riding up, then the band size may be too big.
Is the band digging into your skin? The band shouldn’t feel so tight that it’s uncomfortable. If it does, then    it’s too small. It should be snug but not tight.





Cups Should Be Smooth – are there any bulges? Make sure your bra doesn’t pop over the top edge of the  cup. Check all angles; lift up your arms to make sure your breasts are not creeping out from the bottom of  your bra.






Do you feel the wire poking near your underarm or center gore? This is a common problem among shorter  women, because the wire is too long for your body type. A smaller cup size, or smaller cup style, such as a  demi-cup, will have a shorter wire and may fit better. The underwire should lie flat against your skin,  without moving away from your body. Underwires are made in different lengths, and each type gives the  cups a different shape, depending on the bra’s style