Celebrating our team of expert corsetieres at Inner Secrets Lingerie!

Team Inner Secrets

‘Corsetiere’ is French for corset maker and is defined as someone who makes, fits, or sells corsets, girdles, or brassieres

Find out more about some of our corsetieres at Inner Secrets Lingerie.

Grace – Grace, an aspiring lawyer, furthering her studies in law on a part time basis while being a full-time in-store consultant, brings her fiery and passionate personality to the team. She is a trained corsetiere and enjoys putting smiles on her client’s faces. Since starting at Inner Secrets Lingerie, Grace feels she has an improved understanding of the way in which people interact and is now quickly able to assess the needs of her diverse clientele. The funniest thing she’s heard on the job? “Where does all my fat go when I wear Spanx?”

Roxy – Single mom of three, Roxy, has served as an ambassador to the brand for more than a decade. A skilled corsetiere and a senior consultant, Roxy also has a qualification in business management and a vast background in luxury fashion retail. She loves empowering women by teaching them how to compliment their bodies with the correct underwear and shapewear. Roxy lives the brand, quite literally, and enjoys wearing the brands she sells. One of the many perks of her job. Her most memorable moment so far? Being asked to measure a man who landed up making a purchase too.

Lorraine – A connoisseur in the retail industry, Lorraine has a wealth of experience behind her. She is a trained corsetiere but has an extensive background in ladies fashion and jewellery retail. For Lorraine it’s about creating an experience for the women who visit the store and ensuring that they are well satisfied with their purchase long after they have left.

Tina – Not only is Tina a mother of one and a trained corsetiere, she also holds a bachelor’s pass in psychology. Tina emphasizes that listening to and understanding her customer’s wants and needs are key when pairing them with the right lingerie brands. Her childhood passion for dance has remained steadfast and Tina now enjoys dancing in her spare time and even performing in a few shows every now and again.

 Michelle – Michelle has trained in all three Inner Secrets Lingerie stores and has enjoyed the freedom to grow within the family. She comes from a background of medical doctors and has a qualification in I.T., however followed her passion for fashion and retail and can now add trained corsetiere to her list of expertise.

Rumi – Roumiana, or Rumi as she likes to be called, is also one of the longest serving Inner Secrets Lingerie sales consultants and is originally from Sofia, Bulgaria. Rumi adores working with the different lingerie brands and the highlight of her day is seeing the effect it can have on a woman’s confidence. Aside from being a mom and grandmother, Rumi is also a qualified dental technician and has also developed a great flare for visual merchandising and is responsible for some of our beautiful window displays, which change weekly.

Naz  – A mother of six, and 25 years of retail experience, Naz understands that trying on lingerie may sometimes be a daunting experience for some of her clients.  Gaining their trust she says is key in creating an environment comfortable enough for women to experiment with different lingerie. Her discreet and nurturing nature allows women to feel secure and free baring their physical insecurities.

Lindy – Having completed a fitness course, mom of two, Lindy, starts her day at 5am with a regular exercise routine. Aside from being a trained corsetiere she is also a qualified beauty therapist and has up-skilled even further with her newfound knowledge in merchandising. Lindy enjoys the daily moments of laughter she shares with her clients. But most of all, she loves being able to uplift the women who enter the store with some confidence boosting tips, for their lingerie needs and more.