Get the scoop from Naz at our Cavendish Store!

We’re chatting to Naz from our newly renovated Cavendish Store! 


What is your name and how long have you worked at Inner Secrets?

Naz Kherekar  and I’ve been working  at ISL Cavendish for 7 years.

What is your favourite brand stocked in the store?

Simone Perele and Hanky Panky are my favourite brands in the store.

The Spanx collection is amazing, can you tell us about your favourite items from Spanx?

“ Oncore”  Spanx is  AWESOME! I have a little tummy  issue and need help looking smooth and sleek. This shaper is very firming due to the internal tummy panels keeping my tummy  flat  and the  leg length is just right. It  also controls my  thighs and the butt pockets gives  my  butt a slight lift. The Spanx jeanish Jegging is a favourite too as it shapes whatever needs to be shaped whilst still making you look good.

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What’s on your lingerie wishlist?

My lingerie wishlist most definitely includes the Simone Perele , Saga collection in (bubble gum pink) and the Wish collection  in (charcoal and pink ), however Andora is my favourite.

What tip do you have for women who are body-conscious and perhaps scared of purchasing or wearing lingerie?

My tip : Love the person that you are and embrace what you have as everyone is unique.

Most woman wear the incorrect bra size so have yourself measured and fitted at a specialized lingerie store. No need for you to be self-conscious as we’ve been here long enough to  know what it’s all about. Our friendly and highly trained staff will guide and assist you in the direction of comfort, self -confidence and also feeling sexy, a belief every woman should believe in every day. It’s amazing how foundation garments can actually transform your body making  you feel confident and looking stunning.

What is a great garment for women who are on a budget but want to spoil themselves?

A budget buy would be a Hanky Panky which is  one of my favourites as they are so comfortable just as if you were wearing absolutely nothing .

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