Are you getting the most out of your lingerie wardrobe? If you don’t look forward to picking out your lingerie in the morning, it’s time for a change. Lingerie doesn’t have to be boring, ill-fitting, or annoying. In fact, it can be one of your favorite things to put on in the morning if you take the time to build a lingerie wardrobe you love.

How do you build a lingerie wardrobe that never lets you down? Read on for our top tips!

1.  Determine your basics

Which bras do you wear the most? Do you find yourself reaching for plunge bras or unlined wire bras more? It’s up to you to determine which bra styles you’ll get the most wear out of. One woman might wear t-shirt bras throughout the week while another might consider her black lace bras basics. Everyone is different.

At minimum, you’ll need 2-3 every day bras. Depending on your lifestyle, you might want to add 2-3 sports bras, a bralette, a strapless bra, and a beautiful bra and panty set into the mix. Why 2-3 every day bras? Well, it’s never a good idea to wear the same bra two days in a row. Your bras need time to breathe and get back to their shape. Wearing the same bra every day can shorten the bra’s lifespan by causing it to stretch out much quicker than it normally would. And if it’s laundry day, you might be without a bra while you’re waiting for it to dry.

2.  Choose each piece carefully

When it comes to lingerie, fit is everything. A well-fitting bra can change the way your clothes fit, improve your posture, and give you a little confidence boost. Don’t settle for lingerie that doesn’t fit perfectly.

Remember: The goal is to wear every piece of lingerie you buy. Lingerie is an investment – why waste a penny on a piece you don’t love? There’s nothing worse than a beautiful bra collecting dust in the back of your lingerie drawer because it doesn’t fit or work with your outfits.

Always choose bras that work with the clothes in your closet and never buy panties that rid up, dig in, or leave annoying panty lines. Don’t be afraid to sit, jump, and move around in the fitting room to check the fit. While you’re in the fitting room, give yourself at least five minutes per bra to get a better idea of the comfort level. You could try on a bra that feels great at first but starts hurting or digging into your skin after you’ve worn it for a few minutes. A few extra minutes in the fitting room could save you a trip back to the store to return the bra.

3.  Find which colours, styles, and brands suit you best

We get so used to wearing nude and black every day. Vibrant colours like pink, blue, red, and purple might seem hard to wear, but trust us, there’s a shade out there that will work for you. Remember: Your complexion and hair colour play a role in which colours suit you best.

Here’s a quick lingerie guide based on hair colour only:

Black: White, silver, cream – neutral hues become dramatic when paired with black hair. For something even more daring, opt for red or emerald green lingerie for a perfect match.

Brown: Warm shades of gold, green, and blue accent beautiful brown hair. If you’re feeling fancy, try a cheery floral print or wild leopard print for a new look you’ll love.

Blonde: Have you tried pastels? Dusty rose, lavender, blush, and peach look stunning on blondes.

Red: Jewel tones are a redhead’s best friend. Burgundy, deep purple, teal, and mustard yellow contrast with your hair colour in the most flattering way.

Fantasy colours: Fantasy hair colours like pink, blue, and purple look beautiful with coloured lingerie too! If you have blue hair, why not go for a monochromatic look and wear lingerie in a beautiful shade of turquoise, teal, or navy blue?

4.  Take good care of your lingerie

If you take good care of your lingerie, it will take good care of you. How you wash, dry, and store your lingerie has a direct impact on its lifespan. A bra that is frequently put through the dryer won’t last nearly as long as a bra that is laid flat or hung to dry. This also applies to bra that are machine washed and thrown in with your other clothes.

For the most part, the best way to wash lingerie is by hand washing it in cool water with gentle lingerie soap and laying it flat to dry with the bra cups facing up. Panties and babydolls can typically be washed the same, but be sure to check the garment’s care tag first before washing.

5.  Edit your lingerie wardrobe often

Do you still have bras from high school? If you haven’t cleaned out your lingerie drawer in a while, it’s time. We recommend editing your lingerie wardrobe at least twice a year – or every six months after a bra fitting. As you’re editing your wardrobe, make three piles: one for lingerie you want to toss, one for lingerie to donate, and the last one for anything you want to keep.

Toss: Anything stained, damaged, torn, or ripped. Bras with broken straps, damaged underwires, and bent cups should also be torn. Panties that have holes should immediately go into the trash bin.

Donate: Gently worn or unused bras. If you have any bras that you haven’t worn because your bra size changed, you could donate them or give them to a friend that wears that size.

Keep: Bras and panties that fit well. Your lingerie drawer might look bare if it has been a while since your last lingerie shopping trip. Don’t worry – a local lingerie store can help you refresh your lingerie wardrobe with pieces you’ll love!




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