As many are enjoying the long South African Summer, one thing is on your mind: you need another new swimsuit that’s going to flatter your figure to take with you. But just like any other garment, it’s important to take your body type into account when shopping for  swimsuits. And it’s an especially important consideration with swimsuits because you’ll be baring so much skin. In other words: you’ll want a bathing suit that fits you flawlessly, hugging you in all the right places and flaunting your favourite assets in the best way possible.

Which swimsuit is right for your shape? Follow this guide to find out.


You’ve got curves for days, so why not choose a swimsuit that shows them off? There are several different styles that will not only put your curves on display but accentuate your small waist in proportion to your bust and hips.

For example, one-pieces are totally on-trend right now, and they have a certain classic chic look that’s appropriate for any occasion. Moreover, with a high-cut leg and plunging neckline, they can still accentuate your feminine figure in a sultry way. You might even look for a one-piece with a belt that draws the eye to your tiny waist.

We also love retro two-pieces for the hourglass shape. A high-waisted bottom is super flattering if you have larger hips, and gives you the reassurance of extra coverage on the bottom. Opt for a balconette top to bring attention to your decolletage.


If you’re curvier on the bottom (wider hips and derriere), the idea is to create some visual balance. Of course, you also want to be sure you have enough coverage on the bottom.

Any bathing suit that draws the eye upward — such as with eye-catching detailing or bright patterns on top, or a plunging neckline, works super well on a pear shape. As far as bottoms go, look for something with a slightly wider waistband and a lower cut leg hole.


Is your figure pretty straight up and down? The truth is, you can pull off nearly any style of bathing suit from a bandeau to a halter, but if you’re seeking to create the illusion of curves, there are a few swimsuit styles you may want to try. One-piece swimsuits with strategic cut-outs or ruching, as well as bikinis with ruffles, can make you look curvier. You can also opt for push-up bikinis or tops with padding if you’re looking to amp up the cleavage. String bikini bottoms with ties on the side and bottoms with a higher cut leg opening can make your hips and behind look curvier, too.


If you have larger breasts, you have two priorities when it comes to swimsuit shopping: making sure you have adequate coverage on top, and creating a little balance on the bottom. It’s a good idea to opt for bathing suit tops that come in traditional bra sizes (with a band and cup size). Underwire goes a long way in regards to support, and you may want to look for a top with molded cups if you’re seeking to shape your bust as well.

As far as styles go, a halter top is always flattering, as is any bra-style top with an adjustable band and straps. An asymmetrical neckline is also ideal for those with broader shoulders (it draws the eye upward). If you’re looking to achieve a minimizing effect, avoid any eye-catching details like ruffles on the top.


There’s a swimsuit for every shape — choosing one that looks fabulous on you requires knowing your body type — and what kind of look you want to achieve! Hopefully, this guide will help you to find one that makes you feel comfortable, chic, and most importantly, confident.