It’s often been said that ‘it’s what lies within that often counts’. Not only apt when talking about personality, the saying applies to lingerie too.

Every year, women across the globe spend a fortune on undergarments – both for form and function. Just as important as a good pair of jeans or comfortable pair of leather boots, lingerie plays a large role in how a woman looks and feels about herself. No wonder that the business itself is booming, with $12 billion in sales made each year in the US on lingerie alone. But in an industry that frequently comes under fire for misinformed marketing in selling sexy before comfort, questionable labour practices and throwaway fashion, how does one justify an interest in investment underwear?

Penny Parolis, co-owner and co-founder of specialised lingerie boutique Inner Secrets Lingerie, with her son Dimitri – both have a passion for bespoke undergarments, handcrafted with the unique female form in mind. Adamant about quality over quantity, Penny recommends the purchase of items that are manufactured with quality fabrics, laces and components by brands which conduct ongoing research to back their products and ensuring continuous innovation in comfort and fit.

“The underwires usually found in mass produced bras become far too wide as they go up in size, whereas full-busted women usually need narrower wires and deeper cups.”

While more affordable options may look great, rarely do they hold the same longevity nor offer correct support. Investment lingerie, if handled correctly, can last the owner for a few years, as opposed to having to purchase new pieces each season. Dimitri suggests having a couple of correct fitting quality bras in a few basic colors, rather than having a drawer full of ill-fitting and uncomfortable bras. From there a woman can add to her collection.

“The most important item in a woman’s lingerie wardrobe is a perfectly fitted, comfortable bra that is suited to her body shape. Most women wear a bra daily and usually for the greater part of the day, so it is important that she chooses a bra that can meet these requirements.”

When it comes to fitting a bra and offering advice on various styles, Inner Secrets Lingerie excels at meeting the customer’s needs. Stocking a wide range of international brands, including core range labels such as Simone Perele, Best Form, and Spanx shapewear, – Penny is confident that her well-trained staff can find a bra to suit any woman’s breast shape, amongst their wide variety of ranges.

“Buying quality lingerie means you don’t need to spend a lot on the frivolous, but rather invest in a few quality items of foundation wear, which can be worn with a myriad of outfits, for an instant makeover”