Lexi Parolis shares her summer vacation inner secrets!

What is your favourite holiday location?

The Greek isles no doubt – one of my favourite islands is Kefalonia. Not only do I have a family heritage here, but it has beautiful beaches one of which is amongst the most photographed in the world

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Best swimsuit/bikini for that location?

This is amusing because when you are in the business surrounded by so many beautiful pieces it is difficult to choose.

I always like to take a selection of bikinis with me – from my basic black tie sides Sunseekers bikini, to a more colourful Jolidon print, to a fun & stylish Watercult bikini. They look stunning, are all great fitting and because I like to swim often in the warm sea they comfortable and practical as well.


What’s in your beach bag?

Sunblock (although I have to admit I go down a few factors when I am in the Mediterranean, as the sun seems less harsh), my kindle, lip balm, sun hat, towel and an oil (like argan oil) for my hair.


Beauty Travel Tip?

I must be honest, when I go on a Greek island holiday – the sea, sun, the air and the beautiful organic foods in itself are so nourishing and regenerative, that that is all I need. I always come back feeling renewed!! I do however make an effort to take care of my hair because it is long and the salt and sun can have a drying effect.

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How do you look after your hair while on holiday?

Every few days, I comb conditioner through my hair and then braid it into a plait and wear it like that for the day when I am on the beach. In the evening I shampoo it and it is beautifully soft. I also keep argan oil or one of the light oils for hair, in my beach bag which I often apply to the ends of my hair after a swim. This always works for me.


Do you have a swimwear care tip to keep garments in good condition after you have worn them on the beach or in the pool?

Always thoroughly rinse out your bather after a day on the beach and use a mild hand soap to wash any stains that you may have picked up from the sun tanning lotions and oils. Leave it out to dry properly before throwing it back into your beach bag.13457689_1044772188943611_776501120_n