MAGIC Bodyfashion

Dutch underwear and shapewear brand Magic Bodyfashion officially launched in South Africa this month. 

MAGIC Bodyfashion was one of the first companies to introduce Shapewear, problem solving bras and accessories. In the late eighties, the idea of the “volume shoulder pad” trend was born in fashion, which resulted in the first step of creating a body shaping product line. Due to this heritage, MAGIC Bodyfashion owns the expertise of creating a product range with a great fit and that is all about comfort.  

Not only are MAGIC Bodyfashion products functional and affordable, they also have an attractive and trend leading look, including a luxury line in Shapewear. MAGIC Bodyfashion offers a full wardrobe of Shapewear and each product has its specific function which is fabricated from high quality materials using the latest innovations. This also applies to all the Bras and Accessories.  

MAGIC Bodyfashion prides itself on their sustainability strategy MAGIC Cares, which is divided into three parts: environmental, which works on reducing the amount of paper/plastic and CO2 emissions; social, which is all about donations, employee programs and social movements and economic, which showcases their two sustainable collections. 

“Sustainability has grown into an integral part of MAGIC Bodyfashion internally as well as externally. MAGIC Cares, by constantly improving and optimizing the use of sustainable material in our collections.” Comments Co-Founder Linda Leestemaker 

“The initial discussions with Linda quickly affirmed that our two companies are aligned in that they share a similar ethos, value and vision with regards to woman’s foundation wear and promoting body positivity.  We are very excited about the solutions MAGIC Bodyfashion offers and are confident that it will be well received by our customers.” Dimitri and Penny Parolis  

The initial launch collection in South Africa consists of 14 varied shaping products and will expand further with additional exciting and technologically advanced garments, that take shaping to the next level.  Most of the shaping garments are available from sizes S to 4XL.