Real Life Real Story: Chris von Ulmenstein

We spoke to some of our customers about their experiences at Inner Secrets Lingerie.

Name: Chris Von Ulmenstein
Age: 65 going on 18

When did you experience your first bra fitting and where was it?

As a teenager I will have had a bra fitting for the first time, probably at a Woolworths.


Why did you decide to attend a professional bra fitting?

I was invited to a celebration of the 8th anniversary of Inner Secret Lingerie in Cavendish Square by PR Consultant Kirsten Hopwood last year, and guests were invited to try a fitting. As I was just starting to wear bras again, after many years, I thought it to be the perfect opportunity to do so.


How did you feel after your experience at Inner Secrets Lingerie?

I was shown and tried on different bras. I was surprised about the sexiness and comfort of the bras relative to those I had self-bought at Woolworths. Some of the bras were very pricey, but Maureen at the Sea Point branch showed me a range of bras at different and affordable prices.


What did you learn from the corsetieres about lingerie/under garments?

I relied on the guidance by Maureen at the Sea Point Branch, size and correctly fitting bras being the most important aspects of choosing one, in its impact on one’s self confidence. I had just started wearing dresses again for the first time in almost 30 years, so the bras and dresses complemented each other.


Have you felt empowered by the experience and knowledge received from your fitting?

Absolutely. I have built up a relationship with Maureen in the past year, and she alerts me when a new item arrives. Last year, just before I went to Italy in their summer to write my book ‘SwitchBitch: My journey of transformation from Sour to Sweet!’ I was looking for a bikini, my first ever, and she found the perfect one!


How does wearing the correctly fitted items make you feel?

Perfect, especially in making my dresses wear and look even better.


Has your life changed at all since your experience?

The backache I used to feel when wearing bras has gone, a huge plus, due to wearing correctly fitting bras.


Would you recommend a fitting to your friends and colleagues?



Anything else you would like to add?

Without the personal service from Maureen I would not have been back to Inner Secrets Lingerie Sea Point so often. I completely trust her advice and guidance. I am so grateful to Kirsten for the invitation which changed my bra-wearing life.