Real Life Real Story: Mishka Patel

We spoke to some of our customers about their experiences at Inner Secrets Lingerie.

Name: Mishka Patel
Age: 25


When did you experience your first bra fitting and where was it?
15 October 2017, and it was at Inner Secrets in Sea Point.


Why did you decide to attend a professional bra fitting?
After loosing my mother to stage 4 cancer, I began taking better and more intense care of myself. Going for a proper bra fitting was a step I needed to take, especially since I found out I have been wearing the wrong size for most of my life (and clearly noticing cut/scratch marks on my back due to the tightness of my bras)
How did you feel after your experience at Inner Secrets Lingerie?
Relieved, and very excited to know I’m actually a bigger size than I thought, haha!


What did you learn from the corsetieres about lingerie/under garments?
How much thought goes into making sure you have the correct cup and band size, because of my height I need to make sure my straps are well adjusted as well as the underwire. Also, I learned the importance of having the correct bra size and what will happen if you don’t. Scary. Gravity is a scary thing.


Have you felt empowered by the experience and knowledge received from your fitting?
How does wearing the correctly fitted items make you feel?
Way more relaxed and comfortable and also… sexy.
Has your life changed at all since your experience?
I wouldn’t say I had a life change, but I surely got a wake-up call and really make sure any thing I buy from now on, fits PROPERLY.
Would you recommend a fitting to your friends and colleagues?
Absolutely, and the sooner, the better!

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Image Credit: Samantha Clifton