Is there anything more delightful than winning a competition? Yes, winning a competition to choose from the splendor of lingerie, swimwear and garments available at Inner Secrets Lingerie.

When I received the Instagram message from Meg @mindthecurvesza; congratulating me on the win, I actually jumped and screamed in joy because it was the first competition I had ever won. I hope that is an encouragement to continue tagging all your friends in all the competitions because I have faith that you will win the one meant for you.

For a month before my win I started feeling discomfort in my chest area and after realizing it was in fact my bra which was hurting me I began mentally preparing myself for the tedious and often disappointing journey to the mall to hunt for a well fitting, pretty and comfortable bra.

So to say my experience at Inner Secrets Lingerie was redeeming is an understatement.

I am 26 years old and on a journey of accepting and embracing my body, as it is. Without desiring, eating and exercising to change anything about my body I arrived at Inner Secrets Lingerie with a few nerves as I hoped this experience would pour into my journey.

I felt welcomed and celebrated by two of the warmest women. Maureen and Sam, at Inner Secrets Lingerie V&A Waterfront, who took me on a tour of the entire store, sharing their wisdom and empowering me to try on EVERYTHING I desired. It was so much fun and I felt freedom.

I left with my two gorgeous, super comfortable and perfectly fitting bras but that wasn’t even the best part. The best part was my experience with Maureen and Sam.

I am so grateful for this day and experience. I cannot wait to take my mom, and best friend and one day my daughter. I truly learnt that support and celebration can begin with a good fitting bra and that it is important to invest in myself, even if that means purchasing one bra a year. I choose quality over quantity.

Thank you Maureen, Sam, Meg and Inner Secrets Lingerie.