Rumy’s tips on how to spoil yourself at Inner Secrets!


What is your name and how long have you worked at Inner Secrets? My name is Rumy Bruyns and I ‘ve worked at Inner Secrets Lingerie for 7 years!


“I love my Spanx leggings! Here I am wearing the grey cropped legging out in Muizenberg, Cape Town! They wear like your favorite jeans and feel like your favorite leggings. With the slim built-in, these leggings keep you comfortable and confident while you’re on the go.”

What is your favourite brand stocked in the store?
My favourite brand stocked in the store is Aubade

The Spanx collection is amazing, can you tell us about your favourite items from Spanx?
My favourite item from Spanx collection is the leggings! You can read more about those here!

Spanx Leggings

What’s on your lingerie wishlist?
‘’Christies’’ is the hottest brand on my wish list, perfect for when you’re looking for something sexy!

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Is lingerie an everyday thing or a special occasion thing only?
The lingerie for me is an everyday thing.

What tip do you have for women who are body-conscious and perhaps scared of purchasing or wearing lingerie?
To women who are body-conscious I would say : Each woman is beautiful in her own way and has her own charm . Beauty comes from inside and we must love and accept our body the way it is . We just have to find the right lingerie design for our body shape and colours which suit us and enjoy it! Beautiful lingerie will make you feel special and beautiful . We have to allow us to spoil ourselves.

What is a great garment for women who are on a budget but want to spoil themselves?
For a woman on a budget who wants to spoil herself I would recommend ranges Sans Complex, Implicite, Parfait, Jolidon. Come and see me in the store, and let me help you find something perfect for you!


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