What with the rise in popularity of investment lingerie, Kristi de Freitas, editor of popular blog Lokal ZA experienced her own professional bra fitting at Inner Secrets Lingerie in Cape Town. The recent shift in lingerie trends has seen more labels cater to the unique female form rather than the fantasy of it. Studies have shown a decrease in sexualised styles like the push-up bra, whilst comfortable core lingerie styles have risen in popularity.


Having only been professionally fitted once before, Kristi held an intense dislike for underwear shopping, citing incorrect fit, uninformed staff and poor quality as the catalyst for her avoidance. Previously only buying her underwear from chain stores or ordering the same sizes online, Kristi found the entire experience a draining one, leaving each store with a handful of garments that never quite fit correctly. It is acknowledged that 70% of women worldwide are wearing the wrong size bra – a staggering number when one considers the amount of time women spend wearing a bra. Having a professional bra fitting is something that all women should treat themselves to, both for her confidence, her general feeling of well-being and for her breast health.


Pleasantly surprised by the level of professionalism at Inner Secrets Lingerie, Kristi found the staff helpful and informative, putting her at ease while they tried bra after bra to find the perfect one for her breast shape. Her visit, which she expected to be daunting, became an interactive, informative even fun experience, as Kristi learnt about the do’s & don’ts of the art of bra fitting. Having learnt that the support base of a bra is in the band, she found that a correctly fitting bra is able to transform the entire posture of the wearer, increasing comfort and confidence along with it.

Bespoke lingerie does come at a price – a detail that may deter many shoppers. But as Kristi explains, the old adage of being ‘penny wise and pound foolish’ comes to mind.


“Why waste so much money buying cheap, ill-fitting bras that wear out over a season when you can invest in a good bra, that fits correctly, changes your posture, and can last for years?”


Kristi also stated that it’s better to have a couple of good bras that fit beautifully than a myriad of ill-fitting uncomfortable bras. A quality piece is able to improve the wearer’s natural shape, flattering her body and supporting her where she needs it most.


“Take the time, spoil yourself and go to Inner Secrets Lingerie for a bra that can change your life. It might seem cynical, but you don’t understand it until you have a bra that fits like it was custom made for you.”


Describing the shift away from over-sexualised styles made for the enjoyment of men, Kristi found the female-friendly experience at Inner Secrets Lingerie to be one of empowerment – citing that we often see lingerie as just sexy underwear – however the correctly fitted foundation wear enhances a woman’s silhouette giving her the confidence to take on the world


When thinking back to her initial reluctance to be fitted, Kristi condenses her feelings into a reason that many women may relate to.


“I think we’re scared that we aren’t going to find bras that fit us, or that we would only find less attractive styles (being larger breasted); but Inner Secrets Lingerie showed me that you can be smaller or larger and still find the perfect bra that fits correctly and is pretty!”