“For the health and well-being of your breasts visit our corsetieres for a professional fitting annually”

It is a known fact that over 80% of women are wearing the incorrect bra size. What is more disturbing is the acknowledgement that over 73% of them admit they are wearing the wrong bra size but do nothing about it. One reason being is that women are scared of the price associated with a professional bra fitting, or that they will be required to purchase a bra in return.

Enter Inner Secrets Lingerie; established in 2005 by mother and son team Penny and Dimitri Parolis.  At the time of opening their first store, their 13 years of experience in the industry led them to feel very passionate about opening stores to offer women a professional and personal experience in the fitting and styling of all intimate apparel.

The highly skilled consultants will share knowledge and advise customers throughout the entire process explaining and demonstrating all the common faux pas, which are made when wearing and choosing a bra. They will help determine your cup size and band size, monitor the slack on your back, ensure your straps are well fitted and check on the underwire to ensure your bra is 100% perfect for you.

Inner Secrets Lingerie prides itself on its service excellence and their sales consultants who are very knowledgeable and highly trained in fittings. Fittings at Inner Secrets are free of charge, and customers are under no obligation to purchase any garment.

“Our ethos is the beauty and diversity of a woman and she will leave our stores feeling pampered, uplifted both physically and mentally while still retaining her unique individuality.” Comments Penny Parolis

Drop off your old bra during the month of October, have a complimentary bra fitting and receive 10% off your bra purchase