Wash Care Instruction Tips

You’ve got your perfect bra and other lingerie pieces, so now you want to take good care of it and keep your intimates in great condition. 



Ideally your bra ought to be washed every day by hand to remove body oils, preserve colours,      shape elasticity, and extend the life of your undergarments. We recommend hand washing all of    your lingerie in lukewarm water using good quality mild laundry soaps. Machine washing  underwired garments may shrink the fabric, distort the bra and cause the wires to push through the  fabric. Cool water helps keep white fabrics from going grey and keep colours from fading. Hot water  can damage delicate fabrics such as lace, embroidery, elastics and bindings. Wash dark, light and  colour fabrics separately. Wash your lingerie in soap that contains essential oil known to deter  pests, such as eucalyptus, lavender or cedar. Most delicate fibres can simply be cleaned at home.  Silk, wool, cashmere, embellished garments, rayon and delicate laces can all be easily laundered.


DO NOT put bras or other delicate lingerie in a dryer! The heat is devastating to delicate fibre’s. Let it hang to air-dry or lay flat to dry on a drying rack or dry towel. Block it first. Blocking means simply shaping the fabric back into its original shape. Allow to dry away from direct sunlight or heat.


To prevent the wire from coming out of your bra- Hand wash or use the lingerie bag for machine wash. Keep the wires! Your bra would be useless without them. The wires can easily be reinserted and ends re-stitched to prevent the wires from coming out again.

Lingerie Wash Bag

Protect delicate slips, hosiery and sleepwear from snags, tangles and tears while machine washing. Wash bags lets soap and water circulates through freely for optimal cleaning and rinsing. Bras keep their shape and last longer. Ideal for travel.


NEVER use chlorine bleach on protein fibres, such as silk and wool! Very diluted bleach may work on vegetable fibres, but must be rinsed out completely. Oxygen bleach or diluted hydrogen peroxide is better overall. Soak first and wash thoroughly.

Fabric Softeners

DON’T use! It breaks down lycra and degrades the garment. It can make the dye run or add a waxy finish to the fibres. May contain bleach, whiteners or brighteners which might affect change in colours.


Ensure your iron is clean. Silk – iron on the silk setting while the garment is still very damp. For delicate fabrics use the proper setting on your iron and with a pressing cloth, iron on the inside of the fabric. Follow directions on garments labels.