We chat to Grace Mwanza from our Waterfront Store!

We chat to Grace Mwanza from our Waterfront Store!


What is your name and how long have you worked at Inner Secrets? 

My name is Grace Mwanza , I have been working here  for 2 years and some months now.

What is your favourite brand stocked in the store? Aubade.

The Spanx collection is amazing, can you tell us about your favourite items from Spanx? Spanx cropped leggings.

What’s on your lingerie wishlist? My lingerie wish list  is the new Simone Perele Saga in the bubble-gum pink and some boy-shorts by Hanky Panky.

Is lingerie an everyday thing or a special occasion thing only? For me lingerie is an everyday thing.

What tip do you have for women who are body-conscious and perhaps scared of purchasing or wearing lingerie? My tip is that lingerie is the foundation of anything that you are going to wearing on any  given day if the foundation is right you feel amazing as a woman and it will show as you go on about with your day. Purchasing lingerie should be an exciting thing to do as a woman because it’s about taking time to take care of something that is important  to a woman and that is self-confidence.

What is a great garment for women who are on a budget but want to spoil themselves?For women on a budget we have Spanx undie-tectable, higher power panties, Arum, Implicite and Hanky Panky.