You likely know that breasts come in a multitude of different shapes. And hopefully, you also know which shape yours are, as this can help guide your bra shopping to choose styles that can meet your needs. Pendulous breasts are one of the many shape possibilities. Suspect you have them? Then there’s much you need to know about their appearance, why they happen, and what bras are ideal to wear. Luckily, we’ve covered it all in this helpful guide.

What do they look like?

Some characteristics of pendulous boobs include soft breast tissue that’s fuller at the bottom of the breast and much shallower at the top, downward facing nipples, and an overall elongated shape.

Why do they become pendulous?

There are several factors that can contribute to pendulous breasts. Have you just lost a significant amount of weight? That’s one common cause. Also, women who have gone through nursing a child (especially more than one) may experience deflated breasts. The reality is, sometimes it’s simply a result of aging.

The Cooper’s ligaments are largely what keep your boobs looking perky and lifted. When strain is put on the breasts because they don’t have adequate support, these ligaments can stretch out over time, which then leads to sagging. That’s why it’s of the utmost importance to wear a quality, well-fitting sports bra with ample support. During exercise, your breasts are more prone to a lot of movement, which can damage the Cooper’s ligaments if a sports bra isn’t expertly constructed to control bounce and keep them in place.

Which bras are best for this shape?

If the aforementioned traits sound familiar, don’t stress: There are lots of bra styles that are well-suited to deflated boobs.

For example, cut-and-sew bras are a phenomenal choice. Bras that contain three-part or even four-part cups feature artfully placed seams that are designed to help with both shaping and lift simultaneously — two key concerns for those with pendulous breasts. It can also be a good idea to seek out bras that are made with a sturdier, more rigid fabric (i.e., not a ton of stretch) on the cups, as this will help sculpt and maintain their shape more effectively.

Obviously, underwire will go a long way for those with deflated breasts. And if you happen to be large-busted as well, you may want to opt for bras that have side boning as well.

Contour bras are a nice option as well, as they can lend incredible lift and definition. Ideally, you’ll want to select a contour bra from a brand that specializes in full-figure bras if you have a large bust just to be sure it provides adequate support.

Women with deflated upper breast tissue may also appreciate push-up bras. Try a style that has padding specifically placed at the bottom of the cups, as this will push your breast tissue upward, creating the illusion of fullness at the top.


Understanding more about your breast shape is empowering. Why? Because the more you know, the better chance you have of finding bras that make you look and feel your best! If you suspect you have pendulous breasts, take the previous tips into account on your next shopping trip, and you’ll be more likely to make some informed purchases. One last note: Pendulous boobs are not only totally normal but also common. And fortunately, there is no shortage of stunning bras for drooping breasts that can help you to embrace your shape while lending you a solid dose of confidence.