Which bra to wear with an open back?

As summer approaches, pretty summer outfits replace cocooning sets! Backless clothes are part of the wardrobe, undoubtedly the must-have of the beautiful season to highlight the silhouette.

But when you put on your strapless dress or your top with a low neckline at the back, a question arises: which bra to wear under a bare back?

Some choose not to wear a bra, others to use adhesive models, but with a generous chest it is difficult to separate from the comfort and support provided by a large size bra to be able to wear a back naked.

Fortunately, plus size lingerie specialists, like Sans Complexe, think about the desire for generous breasts to wear backless outfits without giving up on being comfortably supported by a suitable underside.

Here are the ideal bra solutions under an open back available to you!

1. Which model of bra to choose under an open back?

For clothes that don’t give off too much of the back, like a strapless dress, a bra with removable straps will complement your outfit perfectly. In particular, the bandeau bra is developed to support your generous breasts just like a classic shape.

It makes itself invisible thanks to its many advantages. The minimalist cut, the second-skin effect material and the extra-flat finishes ensure maximum discretion.  

The bandeau bra will become an essential part of your lingerie drawer in summer, perfect in all circumstances.

2. How to adopt the “lingerie under-top” trend with an open back?

The big trend of recent times is underwear lingerie which consists of revealing your underwear as accessories in their own right. Under a blank back, you can invest in a fancy back bra and let it show for a very glamorous effect;

  • Lace back bra

A model with fine and feminine lace inserts will sublimate your back and add a romantic-chic spirit to your outfit.

  •  Bra with crossed back straps

The crossed straps will reinforce the support of your generous breasts in addition to bringing an irresistible touch of originality to your figure.

3. What bra colours under a bare bone?

It is crucial to choose the colour of the bra according to the garment to prevent it from showing through light fabrics. Obviously, if you want maximum invisibility, go for the darker tones (black or navy blue) or nude colours.

Conversely, with the trend below above, you can be more creative and combine your lingerie by playing on the complementarity or the contrast of colours between your lingerie and your top.