When it comes to shape, not all breasts are created equal. In fact, there’s some vast range in their appearance in terms of fullness, where they’re set, nipple direction and more.

You likely know your cup size and band size — but the question is, do you know your shape? There are many ways to determine which you fall under. So grab a mirror and follow this foolproof guide to figuring out your shape.

Full all around

If your breasts are full throughout with the tissue evenly distributed, you have a likely have a round shape. (Lucky you! It’s arguably the most sought-after shape, and works well with nearly any bra style).


Do your breasts appear long and skinny? Are they lacking in fullness, particularly toward the top? Do you find that your breasts don’t always fill out the cups of a bra completely, and require a lot of support? These are all hints that your breasts are a slender shape, which can often simply be a result of aging. Nipples that face downward instead of straight on are another hint that you have slender breasts.


Does the left breast look a little bigger than the right? Or vice versa? Then you likely fall under the category of asymmetric breasts. To clarify, no breasts are entirely symmetrical, but if you notice that you’re filling out the cups of your bras differently, that’s a clear sign that you do indeed have this breast shape.

Fun fact: If you didn’t have uneven breasts before but they’re starting to look asymmetrical, that could be the result of menopause (which involves fluctuating hormones). Additionally, athletes who favor one arm may find that their breasts look uneven due to the difference in muscle tissue underneath them.

Fuller on the bottom

If your breasts are relatively round, notably fuller toward the bottom and somewhat pointy toward the nipples, then you’ve got a teardrop shape.

Far apart

Take a look at the distance between your breasts. Do they seem to be set toward the outer part of your torso? Can you fit more than two fingers between them? It’s safe to say you have wide set breasts.

Close Set

On the other hand, if your breasts fall more toward the middle of your chest, with very little if any space in the middle, then they’re close set.

Different directions

If your nipples appear to point in different directions, that’s the most prominent indicator that you have outward facing breasts. (Pro tip: It can be easier to tell which way they’re pointing if you lean forward.) Since your breasts are pointed outward, you’ll likely also notice that they’re slightly wide set.

Hopefully, by now, you have a better idea of your breast shape. And while we’re on the subject — a quick reminder: All shapes are beautiful in their own right. Armed with this new insight, now it’s time for the fun part: bra shopping! Certain styles, such as demi-cup bras or push-up bras, are better suited to specific breast shapes, so know that you know yours, it should be a whole lot easier to find bras that make you look — and feel — phenomenal.




Source: Parfait.com