Which lingerie to choose to stay comfortable at home?

comfortable lingerie

Comfortable lingerie is the best ally for days at home.

Telework, to cocoon under a blanket, dedicate yourself to creative leisure: so many small moments at home to live well installed in your underwear. There is nothing better than to slip into delicate and practical underwear which will offer you irreproachable comfort.

In the world of lingerie, it is possible to find many pieces so vaporous and pleasant that you will not want to part with them.

How do you know if your lingerie is really comfortable?

Comfort, THE fundamental criterion that women with generous breasts look for in their plus size lingerie.

It is very easy to fall for the pretty underwear. But what are they good for if they don’t guarantee you the best comfort when worn? At home, where the watchwords are to feel good and free in your lingerie, it’s impossible to compromise on comfort.

To make sure your underwear is comfortable , pay attention to these three things:

  • The material: cocooning lingerie is generally made of light materials such as cotton and microfiber , which promise a soft and smooth touch on the skin.
  • The structure of the bra: a wireless model with wide and adjustable straps will provide the best support. For perfect support of your generous breasts, prefer a bra with thin and flexible underwire.
  • Flat finishes: flat finishes have the advantage of remaining invisible under clothing and of not leaving any demarcations for even more discretion.

Source: Sans Complexe